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We develop and supply ‘fit for purpose’ office products & solutions that provide certainty of cost & certainty of service.

Our number 1 focus is to help guide you in solving your uncertainty of cost and service problems for the solutions you require to run your operations. Things such as printer & photocopier technology, telephone systems, office supplies & office furniture.

Our ‘WHY’ (why we do what we do) is to change the current negative perception of the office solution industry.

From one of dodgy rogue traders who rip organisations off with deceptive terms & conditions. To it being honest, transparent, with simple terms, easy termination & guaranteed prices.

We’re building our own market by being different. You might even say radical. In our industry being honest, transparent, guaranteeing prices, making things simple & making it easy to do business is very radical indeed.

We want to be known as the trusted adviser who delivers Simple Honest Service anywhere in the world.

Paul Whitefield director of multiple organisations

‘I highly recommend MY Total Office Solutions to every small organisation. They provide me with total peace of mind through certainty of my total office solution costs & certainty of next day support if anything goes wrong.

This is huge for me. I own & operate a number of small organisations across Lancashire & Greater Manchester. The stress & time they save me is immeasurable. I couldn’t begin to tell you what a difference they make to my life. They allow me to concentrate on growing my own organisations. Without getting distracted on operational issues.

Another huge bonus is saving £5,000 a year against my previous costs & any other comparable solution in the market. They provide me with a truly amazing service’

Paul Whitfield (Director of multiple organisations).