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Here’s our Story

We started out way back in 2003 as a single store selling printer supplies to home users, business and schools. And over the following 10 years we grew into 4 well established stores servicing customers through-out East Lancashire.

As the marketplace changed and we developed new services, we strongly believed we could make a massive difference by being honest transparent and providing guaranteed price promises, when supplying organisations and individuals with office products & solutions.

And as both we and  the marketplace have progressed, we moved in to and now operate from, a large business unit located on the Lancashire & Greater Manchester border in Haslingen. Allowing us to service organisations and individuals right across the North of England. And even nationally, through our Infinity home & business printing service, which has been globally recognised and is (probably) the most cost effective printing service in the world.

What we do

We are ‘Money Saving Experts’ for the office & workplace…

Our business is focused on providing quality, leading edge office solutions, which solve problems and represent good value, through the use of innovative products and affordable payment schemes.

Our number 1 focus is to solve your problems and help you become more profitable…

We do this, by freely assessing your existing office solutions (Print Technology (desktop & photocopiers), Telephony, Postage, IT Support, Stationery & General Office Supplies etc) and then recommend changes, which save you as much money as possible to create extra profit.

And, to combat historical price increases in our industry (providing you with complete trust and transparency) we have developed a price promise guarantee ‘never to increase your price’ whilst in one of our current agreements.

Our measure of success is simple. 95% of our customers (who have been assessed) save 60% (on average) against their current office solution costs.

What about individuals?

We continue to serve individuals too…

You have played just as big a part, in our journey, as our business customers.

For individuals, we developed your very own printing solution, home infinity. Which provides you with the latest multi-function printer and unlimited ink cartridges for just £11.99 a month. And of course, we will still supply you with high quality ink and toner cartridges, together with the same customer service and free delivery benefits as our business customers receive.

Where are we going?

Our plans for the future envision more streamlined services for the office & workplace, designed specifically to solve your problems and reduce your costs. With the ultimate aim of further increasing your profitability.

We want to be known national & internationally as the ‘Money Saving Experts’ for the office & workplace, who provide high quality products at the best prices. To support this goal we will continue to drive new technologies & ethics into every part of our business to help deliver our global message of Simple Honest Service.