The more online sales through websites, social media, AI & chatbots the greater the value of face 2 face relationships…

We’re sure they’ll be a place for AI & electronic ordering systems & no doubt some will prefer transacting this way.

But in our game (managed print services) & in our opinion a chatbot or some other AI driven application will never replace human interaction.

We’re betting the 🏡 people (when it comes to office technology solutions) will want to know who they’re dealing with, see the whites of their 👀 & hear their story.

On the flip side…

We need to understand the fabric of organisations. What they do. Where they’re headed & their problems. Without knowing this we can’t provide certainty & peace of mind.

AI & chatbots can’t build relationships. AI & chatbots won’t understand the fabric of an organisation. AI & chatbots will never provide the certainty required.

Our business is about honesty, transparency & trust. You only achieve this through building long-term relationships & this is something AIchatbots will never achieve.

Our long-term strategy will be to build face 2 face relationships. We believe, they’ll provide the greatest value.

…we’ll bet the 🏡 on it. But will you?