I don’t think it’s a secret that I read a lot of business books, is it?

Yes I agree. It can be difficult to make time. And I’m not sure on your schedule. But this is how I do it…

  1. Driving – I’ll always have an audio book or a CD book on, rather than radio 1. I figure this time is best used for education.
  2. Walking the dog – it’s audio book time again, whilst picking up poop!
  3. Leaflet letterbox drops – a perfect time for a good audio book & the miles just fly by.
  4. Holidays – when I’m relaxing I always revert to a paperback. You still beat the feel of pages between your fingers.

If there is one thing business books will do without fail, is to provide you with extra knowledge that you can use in your role or within the organisation in some way. Whilst teaching you many new techniques & concepts that can have a huge impact both professionally and personally.

Business books tell you stories which provide context around challenges and opportunities. The context and stories will open your mind to many new ideas on how you can improve yourself or/and your organisation.

Having a positive mindset is huge. It’s at the centre of your belief system and is the limiting factor on your success in business. Certain business books can infect you with empowered beliefs. Particularly biographies (written by successful business figures) can infect you with the same beliefs that drove them to their success. You can invariably pick up the traits that allow them to succeed, things like grit, determination, perseverance and hard work.

Business also has a language of its own too, and if you’re going to be interacting with other business people, you need to be able to hold your own in business related conversations. If you are sitting in a boardroom and the person sitting across from you asks you about your P&L, COGS or sales strategy, you’d be in a much stronger position with the relationship process if you are able to help educate them.

In business people make many more mistakes than they have successes. But by educating yourself by reading business books which detail the many business mistakes people make, and how they recovered from them. Will help you avoid some of the pitfalls others have already experienced.

Think about all the people who are specialists in their chosen field and have deep subject matter expertise. By simple reading their book you take the best of their learning’s insights and ideas, which will benefit you sometime in the future.

For me, choosing the right business book, either to solve a particular problem or to educate you on a certain subject matter is the difficult bit. There’s 100’s of them out there and getting it right all of the time is a very difficult thing.

I’ve read load’s of business books already and I’m on a mission to read many more too. And whilst I’m on my journey, I’m going to help you and share my knowledge. Every Friday I’m going to shoot a business book review video to give you a brief run down of their content and a rating out of 5. You can then decide if you wish to invest the time and money to read or listen to them.

The reviews will be posted on our website, YouTube, LinkedIn & Facebook. So make sure you tune in….