Some business advice today for directors, office managers & IT managers, which will save you 💰 & long term pain…
If you print a lot of pages in your business. Like proposals, leaflets, marketing or even internal documents. The cheapest way to print, is on digital photocopier technology like this one.
Technology like this usually comes with a service agreement, where you pay an agreed amount for each printed page, to cover costs like cartridges, parts & service. Please make sure the page cost you agree is fixed for the term of the agreement & there are no hidden clauses that could result in price increases.
In many service agreements we’ve seen, there is a hard to find clause allowing the supplier to put the price up whenever they want. The clause may say they can increase the price because of market conditions or for any number of other reasons.
The only thing they need to do is notify you in writing & there isn’t a thing you can do about it.
Over the term of a 5-year service agreement the supplier could increase your price once or twice each year. That 4 or 5p a colour page you initially agreed, could easily double to 10p before the agreement ends.
Please thoroughly check your service agreement before signing & insist on a fixed price guarantee.