Did you know. Most sharks die if they don’t keep moving?

It’s true…

Most sharks need to constantly swim in order to keep oxygen-rich water flowing over their gills.

I liken this to business…

Business should be agile & constantly on the move too. Looking for market opportunities & ways in which to spread their reach.

Business should also be on the lookout for market changes or competition initiatives & be ready to alter course at a moment’s notice.

Business needs to keep moving constantly looking for new ways to help customers & disrupt markets.

If business settle for the status quo they won’t keep the oxygen flowing & they’re likely to die just like most sharks.

In the world today. things are changing at a supercharged rate. And with this change, our customer’s needs & requirements change too.

It’s not just changes in your products. It can be service changes or even agreement changes.

In the current climate. We’ve seen that business needs to be flexible. So, we’ve created flexible agreements for printing & photocopier technology. With no long-term tie in.

As businesses grow our technology can grow with them & if they’re print needs reduce, their technology can reduce too. Without financial penalty.

What about you. Can you change quickly when the market or your customers demand it?