Yesterday’s post (available here) was about experiences when buying a car…

Whether you’d buy from the cheapest salesperson. But they’re arrogant & only interested in a quick sale. Making you feel uncomfortable & unsure whether to trust them.

Or, would you buy from a salesperson who was a little more expensive & came across warm & confident. Gave you options of other cars, built rapport & gained your trust.

It was an interesting exercise…

It made me consider our industry & how unscrupulous suppliers lure people with cheap prices, then increase them constantly, whilst introducing extra charges along the way.

So, I ask you a similar question today. Would you:

A. Buy off a printer & photocopier salesperson who might seem cheap. But has lengthy & complex terms. Will not commit to a fixed price guarantee. Will not guarantee there’s no hidden or extra charges & won’t let you leave without high financial penalties if the service is poor. Making you feel unsure whether to trust them.

Or, would you:

B. Buy off a printer & photocopier salesperson who gives you a fair price. But also guarantees this price will never increase. Guaranteeing no extra or hidden charges too. With simple to understand terms & will let you leave without financial penalty, if the service is poor. Filling you with trust, certainty & peace of mind.

Now try it for your business. You can probably make this work for almost any industry & profession.

And you can use it to expose the unscrupulous suppliers in your industry too.