When you need to buy a car…

You first decide on the make & model, before choosing where you’re going to buy it from. These days, this is usually through some Google online research & a quick visit to the nearest showroom.

Do you then:

A. Buy from the salesperson who provides the cheapest price. Someone, you’ve probably never come across before & who doesn’t interact with you in any other way.

Doesn’t ask why you need the car. Doesn’t discuss features with you. Doesn’t tell you about the ongoing running costs. Doesn’t explain what payment options might be best suited to you.

In fact. Doesn’t build much rapport at all & seems only interested in making a quick sale. Making you feel uncomfortable & unsure whether to trust, they’ll look after your interests above their own.

Or do you:

B. Buy from someone who’s a little more expensive. But you know through LinkedIn & other networking groups. You’ve always liked what they post & their values seem to align with yours.

The salesperson asks why this car, explains its features & finds the best payment option. But also talks to you about other cars with lower running costs or better features, in the same price range.

Straight away, the salesperson builds rapport, puts you at ease & makes you feel you can trust them, as they’ve clearly put your interests first before they’re own.

I know what we’d do, but what would you do?