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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find what you are looking for here, please send us an email with your query to or contact us on 0800 1833 800 and we will be happy to help you.

How do we apply?2018-03-15T15:43:58+00:00

Simply fill in our enquiry form, and we’ll do the rest.

How does your referral scheme work?2018-03-14T17:12:51+00:00

Each time you introduce a new customer to Cloud Talk and they sign up, you receive a free month’s subscription, so if you get 12 others to sign up, that’s a free phone system for a whole year.

Do you set up the phone system and show us how to use it?2018-03-14T17:12:57+00:00

Absolutely, this covered by the small installation charge.

What kind of handsets do you supply?2018-03-14T17:13:06+00:00

We only use business rated phones provided by 1 of the market leaders (Yealink). And we have a choice of 3 desktop phones (with varying functionality) and a DECT handset option, which can be used without cabling by plugging a control box directly into your switch or router.

Are there any upfront costs to pay?2018-03-20T18:08:52+00:00

There may be a small installation charge. Depending on how your current systems (router and cabling) are currently set up, there may be some initial chargeable works to carry out. But this will be identified during your FREE assessment.

What other services are available?2018-03-14T17:13:18+00:00

Call recording and reception services are available for an additional fee.

Can we keep our existing number?2018-03-14T17:13:24+00:00

Absolutely, and in addition you can have direct dial numbers for each handset, and create virtual office numbers for marketing to other areas of the UK.

Are the calls included?2018-03-14T17:13:32+00:00

With each handset, you get 4000 UK minutes (2000 land line & 2000 mobile). And if you go over this (which is very unlikely), further calls will be charged at 1.5p for UK local & national land-line calls and 4p for UK mobile calls.

Do your prices increase every year?2018-03-14T17:13:38+00:00

This will never happen when you work with us. Many other organisations have price increases written into their T&C’s. But, when working with us, you are covered by our price promise guarantee ‘never to increase your agreement prices’ (unless your requirement changes).

How much does it cost?2018-03-14T17:13:50+00:00

It’s a monthly low-cost subscription service, and as an example, a service with 1 handset can cost from £14.99 a month plus VAT.

Can you sort out a specific telephone package for my own requirements?2018-03-14T17:13:56+00:00

Absolutely, the service is very scalable, from one handset, up to however many you need. And they can be configured in the way that your organisation requires.

How long is my agreement?2018-03-14T17:11:42+00:00

Your initial agreement is for 3 years, which includes the supply and support of the phones, together with providing and supporting the service.

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