In the cold and systematic world of modern business an absence of creativity & invention often dictates decision making & in turn can spell the downfall of many organisations.

Many often believe that the key to success in business is to follow the blueprint of others who have been successful before them. However, this is not always the best advice as markets change.

Surely, it’s the use of creativity & invention to solve problems that allows us to stand out, be different and attract the attention of a target audience willing to support us in our success.

Take the invention of the longbow. A weapon 1st used by the Welsh in the conquest of Edward I.  It allowed for long range artillery support and was a huge step up in the age of medieval warfare.

The longbow was about six feet long and made from a yew tree. From 200 metres, a longbow arrow penetrated over one inch of solid oak – more than enough power to penetrate armour.

The maximum range of a longbow was 400 metres & it was so effective Edward adopted it for his invasion of France, helping him to deliver devastating victories in the battles of Crécy and Poitiers.

But how does the mighty longbow relate to business?

The longbow represents much more than military prowess. It represents how creativity & invention solved Edward’s problem & allowed him to overcome his competition.

It’s just the same in modern business. To stand out from the crowd you need to be different. Invent new ways to help solve problems. Even those problems your customers didn’t even know they had.

We invented Infinity. Our managed print service for families . Before Infinity. People had to waste time searching for & purchasing expensive printer cartridges. And when their printer broke or they just couldn’t get it to work correctly. They’d waste more money & time buying another 1.

People thought this was normal & didn’t release it was a problem, let alone costing them a small fortune in money & time. The uncertainty that people had to deal with really was quite amazing.

Infinity solves these problems. It saves (on average) 60%. Provides the latest wireless multi-function printer & unlimited replacement printer cartridges. And if the printer breaks it’s fixed or replaced for free. So, you never have to buy another printer again. Whilst gaining certainty of your total cost & time too.

Our personal and 1 to 1 approach to customer service sets us apart from corporations such as Brother and HP who treat their customers merely as a number & our Infinity service guarantees a flawless customer service experience that makes us stand out from our crowd.

Creativity & invention are surely the overlooked keys to success. Daring to be different & having the ability to strive where others are afraid to go will allow you to make your business stand apart.

In the light of this, we will leave you with one quote from successful physician, psychologist, philosopher, author, inventor and consultant- Edward de Bono:

“Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”