Today we’re at The Cake Nest in High Peak…

The Cake Nest make cakes to be posted through letterboxes. It’s a fantastic idea & a fantastic business too.

Steve & Abi (owners) often made cakes at home with the children. And 1 day, whilst sat round their kitchen table eating cake. They had a eureka moment & came up with the idea of making cakes that can be posted through a letterbox.

Every day the cakes are made fresh to fulfill the days postal orders. This makes sure they are in tip top tasting condition when they’re posted through your letterbox.

The Cake Nest receive orders directly through their website, through social media & via email from business customers.

The public tend to order cakes for valentines, birthdays, Christmas and sometimes just to say thank you or I’m thinking about you.

Businesses order cakes as a surprise for an employee’s birthday, for an office party or even to send out to customers as a thank you or as part of a marketing campaign.

We became friends with The Cake Nest a few years ago. Steve & Abi weren’t happy with their printing solution. And needed something more substantial, with extra features which allowed their team to personalise and print their own unique labels.

After a free assessment, we provided 1 our refurbished photocopier technology solutions. It gave them the extra functions they needed (plus a few more too). But critically there is no cost of entry. All Steve & Abi pay is a small (guaranteed) fixed price for each page. They are saving over 60% against the cost of outsourcing their label printing, which to them, is a huge amount.

The Cake Nest is a great business. Personally, I’ve used them a couple of times for family birthdays. The service, packaging & quality of their cakes was fantastic on each occasion.

What I would suggest, is to find them online at and have a look what they do. Then put a smile on a friend’s or family members face by ordering them a letterbox cake.