Welcome to Mulberry Roots

Today we’re with Lisa Kendrick of Mulberry Roots Nursery

Lisa’s going to tell you about their nursery & explain the available funding:

“Our spacious nursery is located in Haslingden & we offer childcare for children from 0 to 5 years”.

“As you can see. The room we are currently in is for our pre-school children”.

“I’d like to tell all parents about the funding currently available from the UK government”

“All 3 & 4 year olds are entitled to 15 hours a week free from the government”.

“Children aged 2 might also qualify for funding if they meet the required criteria”.

“For more info please visit our Facebook page @MulberryRootsChildcare or call us on 01706 393433″.

That’s fantastic Lisa thank you.

Mulberry Roots Nursery is only 12 months old & we got involved to help with their printer technology solution.

They needed something robust for their office work & craft work with the children. But it had to be affordable.

MY Print Service is our affordable small organisation printing solution. It provides certainty of cost & total peace of mind

You get a business rated multifunction printer, unlimited replacement cartridges & guaranteed service for a fixed £23.99 a month.

It’s perfect for nurseries, primary schoolscharities & small office workgroups. Lisa & the team highly recommend it.

Further info on Mulberry Roots Nursery & funding is available on Facebook @MulberryRootsChildcare or by phone on 01706 393433.

Welcome to Paul Schofield

‘We highly recommend My Print Service to every small organisation. It provides ‘peace of mind’ through certainty of our total printing cost & the certainty of next day support if anything goes wrong.

We were spending £864 a year on replacement printer cartridges and now, thanks to MY Print Service, we are saving £589 (68%) every single year.

And what’s even more amazing, as well as an unlimited supply of printer cartridges, it also includes the latest business multi-function printer with next day support. So we never have to buy a printer again. Truly an amazing service…’

Welcome to Galactic Travels

We’re here today with Bernie of Galactic Travels

‘Bernie would you like to tell everybody what you do?’

‘Hi all. I’m a personal travel consultant & working from home allows me to help you plan your dream holiday at a time which is convenient to you’.

‘We provide a very personalised service working with you before, during & after your holiday. To make sure you have the most fantastic time & best overall experience’.

‘If you would like any help planning & booking your next holiday please connect with me, visit our website at galactictravels.co.uk, email me at bernie@galactictravels.co.uk or call me anytime on 07484 839063’. Concluded Bernie.

‘Thank you Bernie & we assure you Bernie provides a fantastic service. We’ve used Bernie, so have our in-laws & other people we know have too. We highly recommend Bernie & Galactic Travels’.

‘We got involved with Galactic Travels because Bernie wants to provide a very personalised service for her clients. This includes printing off a full travel pack. Including their holiday booking information, itinerary, boarding passes & luggage tags. Along with any vouchers they may require’.

‘But for a small business printing out these packs for each customer was costing Bernie a small fortune in replacement printer cartridges’.

‘So, to help Bernie save around 60% on the printing costs, we’ve provided our home & home business printing service. Infinity.’

‘Bernie no longer has to worry about the price of replacement cartridges or fixing her printer, as it’s all included in the price of just £11.99 a month.

Bernie now has certainty of cost & total peace of mind’.

Welcome to GTL People

We’re with Mike Steel today. Mike specialises in IT & Digital recruitment…

‘Mike would you like to explain what you do’.

‘Absolutely’ said Mike. ‘My business is part of GTL people & we provide specialised IT & Digital recruitment to small & medium sized organisations across the North West.’

Mike continued. ‘We find those difficult to find niche skill sets that are in massive demand. With 10-years of experience finding techie type people, this is where I can really help you.’

‘Thank you for that Mike’ said Darren. ‘How did you get involved with MY Total Office Solutions?’

‘Paul Bolton (MY Technical Manager) has recently joined our Kudos BNI networking group based in the chairman’s lounge at Burnley Football Club. We meet ever Thursday at 6:45am’ said Mike.

‘With the business growing we’d been searching for a remote telephone system that is scalable as we grow. Together with a multi-function printer for printing business & networking documents.’

‘Like with any small business the solutions had to be cost effective & provide certainty of support. And after a conversation over a coffee Paul came up trumps.’

‘We pay a fixed monthly fee of £15 for the telephone & £12 for the printer. Calls, cartridges & support are all included. It’s absolutely amazing value & I’m delighted’. Concluded Mike.

‘That’s wonderful news Mike & thank you for your kind words.’ Said Darren.

‘So that’s Mike Steel who specialises in recruiting those hard to find IT & Digital personnel. To wrap things up Mike please can you tell everyone how they can contact you.’

‘Certainly’ said Mike. ‘Best number to contact me on is 01282 348631 or you can drop an email to mike.steel@gtlpeople.com.’

Welcome to Smart PA

Darren began. “Good day. We’re here today with Sadie Nicholson of Smart PA, who’s going to explain how she can help you.”

“Hi all” said Sadie. “At Smart PA we offer bespoke admin packages to all sizes of organisations. From a 1 man band right up to organisations with 100’s of employees.”

“As an example. I’m currently working with a manufacturer who has 80 employees. Which shows you our service can be utilised by a whole host of organisations.”

“We provide back office business support functions in bespoke packages. Which can free up time so you can concentrate on strategic projects, stop you from working late at night or save you the hassle & cost of employing an extra team member.”

“Thats great Sadie” said Darren. “How can people contact you?”

“Simple” Sadie replied. “Just drop an email to sadie.nicholson@smartpassupport.com with your requirement or requesting a call back.”

“That’s fantastic Sadie” commented Darren. “How did you get involved with MY Total Office Solutions?”

Sadie explained. “I met technical manager Paul Bolton at a networking event & he discussed your printing packages. The home & home business package was a no brainer for me. I was paying out over £30 a month just in ink cartridges. Now I’ve got the latest printer with unlimited cartrigdes for just £11.99 a month”.

“Yes” beamed Darren. “It’s a great package for homes with children & anybody that works from home too. Not only does it come with a printer, all the cartridges you’ll ever need & a fix or replace support package. You also get a fixed price guarantee too. Which means no price rises or hidden extra charges.”

“If you want any more information about any of our printing packages please visit our website here. Thank you for watching.”

Welcome to Crosby HR

Good day everyone. We’re here today at Crosby HR in Wigan…

As you can see. We’ve got the Crosby HR team behind me. They provide HR solutions to small organisations right up to large national organisations with 5oo or more employees.

Crosby HR provide solutions to fit everyone’s requirements. From small 1 off support requirements charged by the hour or in a fixed fee. Right up to monthly subscriptions where they act as you’re partner to offer help & advice whenever you have an HR issue.

They even have a number of clients who have outsourced their complete HR department to Crosby HR. The Crosby team take control of any HR related activities & a nominated team member becomes the acting HR manager or HR director for their client.

Vicky (owner of Crosby HR) came to us a little while back & asked if we’d help them with a ‘fit for purpose’ printing scanning & copying solution. The printing solution they had initially cost them £1,500 & is no longer ‘fit for purpose’. As it keeps breaking down.

The Crosby team needed certainty of a working solution that will support them as they grow. but we’re reluctant to spend £1,000’s again on printing technology.

Our technical manager (Paul Bolton) carried out a free assessment. And after discussing things further with Vicky. We provided the Crosby team with a free refurbished photocopier.

Vicky pays an affordable monthly fee, which coveres everything, including cartridges, replacement parts & maintenance. It’s simlair to how Crosby HR support some of their own customers. 1 fixed monthly fee covers everything.

Crosby HR is a great business with the highest level of integrity & customer service. No matter the size of your organisation. If you’re in need of a HR partner. Look no further than Crosby HR. Go to their website at https://crosbyhr.co.uk/ to contact the team or email Vicky directly at vicky@crosbyhr.co.uk.

Welcome to HLS Supplies

Hello, today I’m at HLS Supplies in Thornton Cleveleys…

And I’m with Managing Director James Evans. James would you like to introduce yourself?

‘Hi everyone, I’m James Evans, Director of HLS Supplies. We manufacture & supply industrial cleaning chemicals & provide janitorial products that are designed to help the automotive, catering, cleaning, facilities, hospitality, education & renewable sectors.’

We got involved with James about 2 year ago, when he was looking for a better & more cost-effective solution for printing out full colour labels for their chemical products.

As well as being good quality, the labels need to be water & chemical proof too.

Initially, James & his team were printing these on a home rated printer. But it was very slow & costing them a small fortune in replacement cartridges.

The right technology solution was about £3,000 to buy new & as a small business, James just couldn’t afford it.

So, after an initial assessment we provided James with 1 of our refurbished photocopiers. Which we install & maintain for free. And all James pays, is a small charge for each page printed.

HLS Supplies have the right solution for their business & gained certainty of their total printing costs. As, the new solution is saving £2,000 a year against the price of replacement cartridges. And has saved them £3,000 in new equipment costs. Whilst streamlining their cash flow.

Now don’t forget. HLS Supplies manufacture their own range of fantastic industrial cleaning chemicals. Which presents an opportunity for organisations in industries such as automotive, catering, cleaning & renewables to save money too.

Delivery is available UK wide & to order please go to https://hlssupplies.co.uk.

Alternately. If you’re ever in the Fylde coast area, why not drop into their wholesale store in Thornton Cleveleys. Where James & his team will advise the best products for your organisation.

Welcome to CATAX

Today I’m with Steve Brooks of CATAX. Steve please can you introduce yourself…

‘Hi everyone, I’m Steve Brooks & I help organisations make cash through claiming tax back on the money they invest in innovation’.

Please let me explain…

Research and Development (R&D) tax relief is awarded to organisations that invest in innovation. This innovation can be in the form of developing new systems, processes, products, materials, devices, or any changes to the way your business works.

The chances are your organisation is doing R&D without you even knowing – it’s not just for people in white lab coats. Our team are experts & will determine if your activities are eligible for tax relief and if so, we’ll get you the best possible return.

Steve and his team have helped loads of organisations claim back £1,000’s in unclaimed R&D tax relief. Why not give him a call on 07815 715751 and book in your free assessment.

Although Steve doesn’t print loads of documents, those he needs to print are critical to his business & clients. So when his printer packed up (after spending £70 on replacement cartridges) he was left high & dry with no support and an unexpected cost to replace it.

Steve asked if we could help….

After assessing his requirements. Our home printing solution saves Steve 50% against his previous costs & smooths out his cash flow (with a low monthly fee of just £11.99). Giving Steve certainty that his total printing costs are covered. Even replacing his printer in the future if we have too.

And as Steve works from home, he has the extra benefit of being able to use the printer for personal things too (as no extra charge). I know Steve loves to holiday, and I’ve no doubt he’ll be constantly printing holiday information and boarding passes.

Steve’s total printing volumes (including business & personal) are well within the limits of our home printing solution. Infinity. And means he can spend the £140 annual savings on a couple of extra flights to Spain.

Don’t forget to ring Steve on 07815 715751 to book a free R&D assessment. As the cash you might claim, could just pay for that dream holiday.

Welcome to Shout Network

Here we are today at the home of networking. Shout Network

Shout Network have been operating for 10 years, which is quite a while when it comes to networking groups. So, they are very well established & have loads of experience.

Over the last 2 years they have grown massively and operate 23 networking groups throughout the North West & 3 business expo’s in Lancashire, Greater Manchester & Merseyside.

We’ve been members of Shout Network for a few years & think it’s fantastic. We’ve made some great relationships (both business & personal). And it’s brought quite a lot of extra business too.

We also know of Shout members who’ve gained many hundreds of thousands in revenues through the relationships they have built. Making it a valuable network for any type of organisation.

Shout members range from the self-employed, micro & small organisations, right up the scale to medium & large organisations too.

And I would suggest. If you’re looking to grow your organisation this year? To get in contact with the Shout Network. And you can do this by going to their website at https://shoutnetwork.co.uk

As they’ve grown so much so quickly printing has become a real issue for them. Both in functionality & in escalating costs. Shout Network asked us to carry out a free assessment & suggest a solution.

Based on our findings, our solution provides Shout Network with a lease free & rent-free refurbished photocopier. All Shout pay