Welcome to HLS Supplies

Hello, today I’m at HLS Supplies in Thornton Cleveleys…

And I’m with Managing Director James Evans. James would you like to introduce yourself?

‘Hi everyone, I’m James Evans, Director of HLS Supplies. We manufacture & supply industrial cleaning chemicals & provide janitorial products that are designed to help the automotive, catering, cleaning, facilities, hospitality, education & renewable sectors.’

We got involved with James about 2 year ago, when he was looking for a better & more cost-effective solution for printing out full colour labels for their chemical products.

As well as being good quality, the labels need to be water & chemical proof too.

Initially, James & his team were printing these on a home rated printer. But it was very slow & costing them a small fortune in replacement cartridges.

The right technology solution was about £3,000 to buy new & as a small business, James just couldn’t afford it.

So, after an initial assessment we provided James with 1 of our refurbished photocopiers. Which we install & maintain for free. And all James pays, is a small charge for each page printed.

HLS Supplies have the right solution for their business & gained certainty of their total printing costs. As, the new solution is saving £2,000 a year against the price of replacement cartridges. And has saved them £3,000 in new equipment costs. Whilst streamlining their cash flow.

Now don’t forget. HLS Supplies manufacture their own range of fantastic industrial cleaning chemicals. Which presents an opportunity for organisations in industries such as automotive, catering, cleaning & renewables to save money too.

Delivery is available UK wide & to order please go to https://hlssupplies.co.uk.

Alternately. If you’re ever in the Fylde coast area, why not drop into their wholesale store in Thornton Cleveleys. Where James & his team will advise the best products for your organisation.

Welcome to CATAX

Today I’m with Steve Brooks of CATAX. Steve please can you introduce yourself…

‘Hi everyone, I’m Steve Brooks & I help organisations make cash through claiming tax back on the money they invest in innovation’.

Please let me explain…

Research and Development (R&D) tax relief is awarded to organisations that invest in innovation. This innovation can be in the form of developing new systems, processes, products, materials, devices, or any changes to the way your business works.

The chances are your organisation is doing R&D without you even knowing – it’s not just for people in white lab coats. Our team are experts & will determine if your activities are eligible for tax relief and if so, we’ll get you the best possible return.

Steve and his team have helped loads of organisations claim back £1,000’s in unclaimed R&D tax relief. Why not give him a call on 07815 715751 and book in your free assessment.

Although Steve doesn’t print loads of documents, those he needs to print are critical to his business & clients. So when his printer packed up (after spending £70 on replacement cartridges) he was left high & dry with no support and an unexpected cost to replace it.

Steve asked if we could help….

After assessing his requirements. Our home printing solution saves Steve 50% against his previous costs & smooths out his cash flow (with a low monthly fee of just £11.99). Giving Steve certainty that his total printing costs are covered. Even replacing his printer in the future if we have too.

And as Steve works from home, he has the extra benefit of being able to use the printer for personal things too (as no extra charge). I know Steve loves to holiday, and I’ve no doubt he’ll be constantly printing holiday information and boarding passes.

Steve’s total printing volumes (including business & personal) are well within the limits of our home printing solution. Infinity. And means he can spend the £140 annual savings on a couple of extra flights to Spain.

Don’t forget to ring Steve on 07815 715751 to book a free R&D assessment. As the cash you might claim, could just pay for that dream holiday.

Welcome to Shout Network

Here we are today at the home of networking. Shout Network

Shout Network have been operating for 10 years, which is quite a while when it comes to networking groups. So, they are very well established & have loads of experience.

Over the last 2 years they have grown massively and operate 23 networking groups throughout the North West & 3 business expo’s in Lancashire, Greater Manchester & Merseyside.

We’ve been members of Shout Network for a few years & think it’s fantastic. We’ve made some great relationships (both business & personal). And it’s brought quite a lot of extra business too.

We also know of Shout members who’ve gained many hundreds of thousands in revenues through the relationships they have built. Making it a valuable network for any type of organisation.

Shout members range from the self-employed, micro & small organisations, right up the scale to medium & large organisations too.

And I would suggest. If you’re looking to grow your organisation this year? To get in contact with the Shout Network. And you can do this by going to their website at https://shoutnetwork.co.uk

As they’ve grown so much so quickly printing has become a real issue for them. Both in functionality & in escalating costs. Shout Network asked us to carry out a free assessment & suggest a solution.

Based on our findings, our solution provides Shout Network with a lease free & rent-free refurbished photocopier. All Shout pay is a small cost for each page printed (which includes all replacement cartridges & any repairs too).

Whilst gaining many new functions, the best thing is, Shout Network are saving £300 a month when getting ready for their business expo’s. Which, over the course of a year is a huge amount of cash.

The relationship has been great for us & great for Shout too. We’ve been members for 3 or 4 years & I’d really suggest you being members too. Simply go to their website at https://shoutnetwork.co.uk

Welcome to The Cake Nest

Today we’re at The Cake Nest in High Peak…

The Cake Nest make cakes to be posted through letterboxes. It’s a fantastic idea & a fantastic business too.

Steve & Abi (owners) often made cakes at home with the children. And 1 day, whilst sat round their kitchen table eating cake. They had a eureka moment & came up with the idea of making cakes that can be posted through a letterbox.

Every day the cakes are made fresh to fulfill the days postal orders. This makes sure they are in tip top tasting condition when they’re posted through your letterbox.

The Cake Nest receive orders directly through their website, through social media & via email from business customers.

The public tend to order cakes for valentines, birthdays, Christmas and sometimes just to say thank you or I’m thinking about you.

Businesses order cakes as a surprise for an employee’s birthday, for an office party or even to send out to customers as a thank you or as part of a marketing campaign.

We became friends with The Cake Nest a few years ago. Steve & Abi weren’t happy with their printing solution. And needed something more substantial, with extra features which allowed their team to personalise and print their own unique labels.

After a free assessment, we provided 1 our refurbished photocopier technology solutions. It gave them the extra functions they needed (plus a few more too). But critically there is no cost of entry. All Steve & Abi pay is a small (guaranteed) fixed price for each page. They are saving over 60% against the cost of outsourcing their label printing, which to them, is a huge amount.

The Cake Nest is a great business. Personally, I’ve used them a couple of times for family birthdays. The service, packaging & quality of their cakes was fantastic on each occasion.

What I would suggest, is to find them online at https://www.cakenest.co.uk and have a look what they do. Then put a smile on a friend’s or family members face by ordering them a letterbox cake.

Welcome to Valley Shorai Karate Club

We’re here today at Valley Shorai Karate & Kickboxing Club in Ewood Bridge. Haslingden. Let’s go inside & see what they’re up to…

Senei Neil Holroyd runs the club & he has been involved in karate & kick boxing for nearly 30 years, running the club for 25 of them.

Sensei Neil is a 3rd Dan (3 x blackbelts) so is extremely experienced. He also has 2 experienced instructors (Claire & Sam), who are both blackbelts & going for their 2nd Dan (2 x blackbelts) later this year.

The club caters for a broad range of ages. From 5 right up to adults. And training is on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.

Our 3 children have been involved with the club for years. Yes, it teaches them self-discipline and a life skill. But as importantly Sensei Neil makes sure everyone has fun. Making everyone return time after time.

To check which time is right for you or your children call Sensei Neil on 07717 870734, email neil@valleyshoraikarate.co.uk, message them on Facebook or visit their website at valleyshoraikarate.co.uk.

Sensei Neil also had a problem. After each session he choice top of the class and wanted to print them a picture off and put another on his picture wall. But the cost of printer cartridges meant it would cost him nearly £50 a week in replacement cartridges alone.

He asked us to help. We designed a home printing solution for him. And provided a him with a wireless multi-function printer with unlimited ink cartridges, complete with a full maintenance package, where we fix or replace it if it goes wrong. For just £11.99 a month.

Sensei Neil is saving over £30 a month and £400 a year, which is massive a small karate club. And the savings can now be used to buy some extra equipment for the students to use.

So, if your looking for an activity for you or your children to get involved with, which teaches you a life skill & is fun too, get in contact with Sensei Neil Holroyd at Valley Shorai Karate & Kickboxing Club in Ewood Bridge, Haslingden.