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Today we’re reviewing something a little different. ‘A Million Miles in a 1000 years’ is not your average business book. Some would suggest it’s not a business book at all.

But I beg to differ…

Donald Miller is a New York Times bestselling author & I first came across his work, whilst looking for story telling inspiration. His other book ‘Building a Storybrand’ helped tremendously with this.

‘A Million Miles in a 1000 years’ tells the story of Donald’s struggles. Not just as an author, also in life. It’s a period where he’s down on luck & didn’t really know what to do with his life.

Then things started to look up. He’d recently written a memoir of how bad his life was, and 2 movie producers wanted to turn it into a movie.

Donald Miller spots an opportunity and uses the situation to chronicle his life into a great story, writing about himself and the movie producers making this film about him.

The book goes into fascinating detail of what makes a good story and film, providing lots of ideas you could use to promote your own business story.

Donald finds meaning to his life. Going from not wanting to get up to finding love, doing amazing feats & founding a non profit with a passionate cause. Things he didn’t realise were within him.

Along the way he’s guided by many interesting characters, who provide loads of knowledge and direction to help Donald find his way, showing how we can all create a 2nd chance at life.

Donald Miller has a knack of telling great stories, whilst providing masses of learnings about life and business. I really enjoyed it and smiled most the way through.

‘A Million Miles in a 1000 years’ gets a thumbs up & 5 stars.

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