People use eBay because they trust the system…

Pierre Omidyar created eBay with the general assumption, most people are good & trustworthy. This is a guide they still use today when making strategic decisions.

Trust though was so vital to eBay’s success. Pierre added a simple but crucial element to the site. User ratings.

Buyers & sellers could give each other positive, negative or neutral feedback. Their very own testimonials if you like.

Making people only want to buy from sellers with high positive ratings. Which made sellers incentivised to stay honest & trustworthy to improve their ratings & get more sales.

Which is why in business. Having testimonials, case studies & customer videos on your website is critical to business success. As like in eBay’s case. It helps people to trust you’ll do a great job.

As an example. On our website we have testimonials, case studies & customer showcase videos. Together with a professionally filmed video testimonial on the home page.

We don’t stand still; we’re constantly adding to them. Which shows our new customers are raving fans of our service too. We can’t tell how important this is to build trust & credibility.

Trust plays a massive part in building future business relationships. Can you afford not to build trust?