Protecting the environment is a pressing global issue. Every business needs to consider how they can contribute to a more sustainable future…

Discussions about climate change, conservation and pollution have taken off globally, with climate strikes, extreme weather conditions and the rise of public figures such as Greta Thunberg.

However, just because the environment is a big issue, it doesn’t mean we’re too small as individuals to be part of the solution.

The recent backlash against single-use plastics is still gathering momentum. With major brands like Sainsbury’s, Nestle & Coca-Cola (responsible for more than 80% of UK plastic) pledging to eradicate single-use plastics from their businesses & small independents can too.

Significant reductions will require systematic change, however there are simple ways everyone can get involved in helping the environment. We’ve commited to planting 1,000’s of trees, 1 for each new printer & telephony technology customer. And there’s many ways that you can help too:

Shop with the Environment in Mind

From cutlery & straws, coffee cups & water bottles, to plastic carrier bags & packaging, say no to all things plastic and invest in reusable items such as environmentally friendly travel mugs, refillable water bottles, and a stash of reusable fabric tote bags to keep by the door, in the car and in your bag.

Eco-Friendly Ways of Working

One of the biggest changes you can make in an office is to reduce, reuse & recycle. This means more than just throwing away old paper in a blue bin.

Think about everything you use. Do you need plastic or even disposable cups at the water cooler?  Can you print on both sides of the paper?

There are lots of changes you can make. Start small by using environmentally friendly office products. Buy from someone who’ll recycle your used printer cartridges. Purchase non-toxic highlighters. Save electricity & turn off all computers, printers & photocopiers at the end of the day.

Assess what plastic packaging you can change for an environment friendly alternative. As an example, we use paper delivery bags instead of plastic bags & we always make sure we reuse the cardboard boxes that our suppliers ship to us.

Sustainable Transportation

For those of us who work away from home, commuting is inevitable however, there are still ways to combat your carbon footprint. Get on your bike. Walk a little more. Where possible use public transport. All of these can help you to drive less ensuring a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Carpooling has become a recent workplace occurrence, helped along by the success of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. It’s estimated, if you join just 1 other person on a 50-mile round trip to and from work, you could reduce your monthly emissions by almost 10%!

Even if you can’t enlist a co-worker, if you drive efficiently and maintain your vehicle correctly, you will still cut some emissions. Whilst driving safely and saving money on the fuel costs.

Electric Cars

If you can afford it, swapping to an electric vehicle can help too. Although, the price of electric vehicles, over the next 5 years is likely to become affordable for the masses. Couple this with improved battery technology. Electric cars will be a sure fire way to reduce global carbon emissions.

Home Working

Technology has moved on so much. you have a cloud based business line at home, even with a video phone for a small monthly fee, including the calls. And companies like ours provide managed print services for home workers for fixed monthly fees, including the technology & unlimted cartridges.

Whether you’re working from home or holding meetings via Skype or WebEx, cutting down on unnecessary travel, can reduce pollution and massively increase productivity, whilst saving the organisation money too.

…watch out soon for our must know amazing environmental facts.