Our ‘exposing the hoodwinking’ video series has been running for 3 straight months…

For those who haven’t seen it. Each week we discuss a dodgy contract clause hidden in an existing service agreement for office equipment like printers, photocopiers & telephones.

We’ve uncovered some unbelievable clauses. Covering multiple price rises, hidden extra charges, massive hourly rates, gigantic termination penalties & automatic contract extensions.

Along the way we’ve managed to help & advise some unhappy organisations. Who feel they’ve been hoodwinked by their existing supplier. But have found it difficult to understand their contract terms.

Due to this hoodwinking our industry has got a bad reputation. And we’re on a mission to change it. Through guaranteed fixed pricing, no extra charging, fair hourly rates & simple honest terms.

Through helping these organisations. We’ve gained valuable knowledge in understanding how some unscrupulous suppliers are using complex & hidden terms for extra profit. Above what was agreed.

Our offer is to share this knowledge with you for free

Simply by reviewing your service contract terms & reporting back any areas of contention. Such as prices rises, extra charges, termination penalties, notice period stipulations & automatic extensions.

It couldn’t be easier. Email a copy of your service contract (including all the T&C’s) to me at darren@mytotalofficesolutions.com & I’ll explain any contentious clauses. No strings attached.