Think we forget sometimes, we’re just a species that inhabits the world & still learning…

Like the dinosaurs before us. It’s the turn of humans to be custodians of this great planet.

Are we learning from our mistakes & doing a great job?

If I think of the world as 1 big business (as that’s the way my mind works) I’d probably say no.

Yes, we’ve made some major technological advances, improved life expectancy for many & increased the standard of living for billions.

But globally what are we not learning, which our own business teams deliver each & every day. Like:

  • How to co-exist together
  • Work together to solve problems
  • Help someone who’s in need
  • Share problems with one another
  • Stop fighting between ourselves
  • Take responsibility for our own actions
  • Know that everybody is the same inside
  • Climate change is everyone’s responsibility

I believe. If we could get world governments & the global population to work together (guided by an agreed set of values), many of the planets major problems can be solved. Things like:

  • Climate change
  • Poverty
  • Disease
  • Clean water
  • Corruption
  • Drugs
  • Living conditions
  • Violence
  • Even wars

As business leaders, we expect our teams to work together in a way that benefits everyone. Is to too much to expect governments & the global population to learn that it’s time to do the same?

…yes, it’s a pipe dream. But it’s my pipe dream.