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Grant Cardone was named the world’s best sales trainer in 2017, is a New York Times bestselling author & an ex reality TV star, fronting the programme Turnaround King.

It’s fair to say he knows his stuff when it comes to sales. Before he created his sales-training business Grant spent many years learning his trade, in lots of different sales positions.

Grant will be honest. He first hated sales. Until he took someone’s advice & learned every-thing he could about it. Which catapulted Grant into the top 1% in his industry & he was then in love.

His book ‘Sell or be Sold’ is an old school sales book & very simple to understand. Grant has a very straight forward approach & shoots from the hip.

Grant believes that everything in life can be & should be treated as a sale. There’s even a section in the book where he tells you the sales-technique he used to sell to & secure his now wife.

He breaks down sales techniques, teaching how to master selling to any audience. Shows you how to handle rejection, deal with negative situations, shorten sales cycles & manage price objections.

Grant also discusses overcoming call reluctance (which I still get), selling in a tough economy (which affects us all), pipeline building & how to stay positive when the rejections are flying in.

I suppose, as well as a sales training book. It’s a book that will build confidence, keep you focused & help you develop a positive mindset. When it comes to selling.

Grant believes everyone must sell to survive. Whether it’s a waiter selling wine or even convincing a boy or girl to go out on a date. Hell, even the Dyson repair guy upsold me on filters the other day.

This book will appeal more to someone in a direct sales position. But it will help most of us in some way, as everyone in an organisation is or should be selling how your product can help people.

‘Sell or be Sold’ gets a thumbs up & 4 stars.

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