They say a habits hard to break…

But. Did you know (on average) it takes 66 days to form a new habit?

It’s true. Some cleaver researchers (headed by Phillippa Lally) from the University College London, worked it out 10 years ago. Read the research paper here.

The researchers say. ‘To create a habit, you need to repeat the behaviour in the same situation & it’s important that the setting is consistent so that it can cue the behaviour’.

They also say. ‘Breaking habits is very difficult. The easiest way is to control your environment, so you don’t encounter the cue which triggers the habit.

The researchers concluded. ‘It’s difficult to break any habit even when you’re motivated to do so. But if you’re not fully committed to breaking a habit, then you’ll be even less likely to succeed’.

The research proves it takes much longer than people think to form habits (most think 21 days) & it’s important to persevere, until your actions feel natural & become almost automatic.

If someone wants to form a habit, they should specify clearly what they’ll do, in what situation & try to do this consistently. Over time it will start to happen more easily & require much less effort.

A habit you could try to break…

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