We’re with Mike Steel today. Mike specialises in IT & Digital recruitment…

‘Mike would you like to explain what you do’.

‘Absolutely’ said Mike. ‘My business is part of GTL people & we provide specialised IT & Digital recruitment to small & medium sized organisations across the North West.’

Mike continued. ‘We find those difficult to find niche skill sets that are in massive demand. With 10-years of experience finding techie type people, this is where I can really help you.’

‘Thank you for that Mike’ said Darren. ‘How did you get involved with MY Total Office Solutions?’

‘Paul Bolton (MY Technical Manager) has recently joined our Kudos BNI networking group based in the chairman’s lounge at Burnley Football Club. We meet ever Thursday at 6:45am’ said Mike.

‘With the business growing we’d been searching for a remote telephone system that is scalable as we grow. Together with a multi-function printer for printing business & networking documents.’

‘Like with any small business the solutions had to be cost effective & provide certainty of support. And after a conversation over a coffee Paul came up trumps.’

‘We pay a fixed monthly fee of £15 for the telephone & £12 for the printer. Calls, cartridges & support are all included. It’s absolutely amazing value & I’m delighted’. Concluded Mike.

‘That’s wonderful news Mike & thank you for your kind words.’ Said Darren.

‘So that’s Mike Steel who specialises in recruiting those hard to find IT & Digital personnel. To wrap things up Mike please can you tell everyone how they can contact you.’

‘Certainly’ said Mike. ‘Best number to contact me on is 01282 348631 or you can drop an email to mike.steel@gtlpeople.com.’