Gooday. Have you time for a business book review?

Today we’re reviewing ‘A Leader Who Had no Title’ written by bestselling author Robin Sharma.

The books a modern fable about achieving success in business & life. At it’s core the message is. You don’t need high ranking titles to become great, you just need to do the right things & believe.

The story starts with Blake, who’s had tough early life & ended up working in a bookstore, thinking he had no future at the age of 29.

Then Tommy appeared. A 70-year-old bundle of energy, who took Blake under his wing & on a journey to find himself.

Along the way Tommy introduced Blake to 4 special teachers, who taught Blake 4 key principles & a philosophy to help Blake believe he could do great things and become successful.

The 4 key principles are:

  1. You need no title to be a leader
  2. Turbulent times build great leaders
  3. The deeper your relationships, the stronger your leadership
  4. To be a great leader, first become a great person

Each principle is backed up by its own 5 rules, made rememberable by a key word. They’re all fully explained by the teachers & need to be adhered to, if you are to master each principle.

I loved the format of the book, as it made it easy to read & follow. By the end I’d got quite close to the characters & had a tear in my eye. But I won’t tell you why.

It’s a book for everyone. Read it. It’ll make you smile, laugh & even cry.

‘A Leader Who Had no Title’ gets a thumbs up & 5 stars.

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