1 of the most fantastic marketing initiatives I’ve seen seems to have gone under the radar…

Although it relates to football & the champions league final against Liverpool & Spurs. It’s not about the game, the teams or who won or didn’t win.

It’s about BT Sport. Like them or loath them what BT did was a stroke of genius.

They’d have made millions signing up people on pay per view to watch the match. But instead they decided to play the long game.

Do you know what they did instead?

They did something radical & let everyone watch the game for free.

All you needed. Was to download the BT Sport app on your smart TV, smart phone or tablet. The wife was away on a hen party & I was home alone with the kids. So even I did it.

Just the other day I wrote an article asking if you had a product with a perceived high value that you could give away for free. What BT Sport did is a perfect example.

Along-side making the game free to view. BT ran special offers to entice non-BT customers & broadband only customers to sign up to their TV package. I’m sure they’ve signed up plenty on long-term agreements, who’ll make them much more money over time than a 1 off profit hit.

Providing something of perceived high value for free can work. We do it with our refurbished photocopiers, laser printers , small organisation printing solution & home printing service Infinity.

The technology is provided for free & all you need to pay is for what you print. Either in a low fixed monthly fee or a fixed cost per page. Guaranteed never to increase.

With BT now applying this to their marketing strategy. Maybe it will make you think how it can work for you too?