Good day. I hope you don’t mind. This week’s book review is a couple of days early due to the bank holiday weekend…

Not sure if you’ve heard of Marshall Goldsmith?

Well. For those who haven’t. He’s 1 of the world’s most accomplished and in-demand executive coaches. With a client list of the highest-level global CEO’s & always has a 6-months waiting list.

Marshall helps already successful people become even more successful. And you can benefit from his advice (through this book) rather than paying his normal 6 figure price tag.

In his book ‘What Got You Here Won’t Get You There’ Marshall demonstrates (through a series of case studies & real-life situations) that the habits you’ve gained so far in your career. Including those that have brought you past success. Are now delaying your progress & future success.

Marshall has a simple yet powerful approach to help people change habits to excel. His tried & tested systematic approach is said to free you from old habits. Allowing you to drive onwards & upwards. You’ll learn the 20 hold back habits & tools like a ‘to stop’ list & ‘follow up’ routines.

He also does a few speaking engagements. And if you get the opportunity. He’s well worth listening too. Very engaging, funny with an immense amount of insight which will help you improve.

Overall. It’s a great book. Backed up with real evidence. It will teach you a series of simple techniques to make you both a better leader & a better person. It gets a thumbs up & a 5-star rating.

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