Have you ever found yourself in a conversation where you just can’t help yourself from butting in. Because you feel the other party has got something wrong?

I don’t think we do it intentionally. It’s like we’re on autopilot & our brain needs to put the situation right. Even before we hear out or check out the full story.

I used to do it a few years back. To people I’d meet, to my team & even my family.

I didn’t realise it at the time…

Eventually I analysed what was going on. At least 50% of the time they were right & I was the one who ended up being wrong.

As you can imagine. These situations ended in complete embarrassment for me. Not to mention it being damn right rude interrupting people & immediately questioning something they’d shared with you.

A habit had formed & I knew I needed to break it. But (as many of you will know) habits are difficult to break.

Until one day. A friend suggested a very simple solution…

Write down on paper or even on the back of a business card. ‘Maybe they are right’. Keep it in your pocket & recite it each day. With an extra recite before each meeting with customers, business contacts or team members.

Quickly I learned to keep my mouth shut & my ears wide open.

This simple exercise has helped me tremendously in growing our printing technology & office supplies business, in building a fantastic team & in my family relationships.

Yes. There’s the odd time I still mess up & forget the message in my pocket. We’re only human after all.

But overall, it’s made a significant positive difference in how I interact with people & them with me too.