Good day. It’s Friday & business 📚 review day…

This week I’ve been reading ‘The Chimp Paradox’ by Professor Steve Peters.

For those who don’t know. Professor Peters is a consultant Psychiatrist, holds many degrees, a master’s in medical education & many postgraduate qualifications. Yes. He’s qualified.

Over the years he’s worked closely with many recognised sports people & associations. Like Ronnie O’ SullivanLiverpool Football Clubthe England football teamUK Athletics & British Cycling.

Just as Professor Peters worked with the sports stars. The Chimp Paradox was written to help you & me understand how our minds works & to suggest a model for developing & improving ourselves.

Mind management is a complex area, can be very difficult to explain & difficult for many of us to understand. Professor Peters (through his chimp management model) tries to make it easier for us.

I’m not saying it’s a real easy read. It’s still takes a bit of time to digest & understand. But it’s a lot simpler than most of the other mindset books I’ve read.

Professor Peters splits the brain in to 3 main areas & calls them. The Human. The Chimp. The Computer. He explains how they work & shows the impact each can have with various case studies.

The book then goes on to offer a series of ideas, plans & tasks to help you manage these brain areas and improve your health, happiness & confidence leading to your success & security.

At the back of the book for those interested. Professor Peters goes into the science behind the chimp model. Detailing the complexity of the brain & the use of the model.

Since reading the 📚 I’ve been telling the kids to get their 🙉 under control. In response I get 👀 & 😡. But at least I now know what’s going in their 🎄 stockings this year.

 ‘The Chimp Paradox’ gets a 👍 & ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

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