NIKE has spent billions to teach millions of people that the ‘swoosh’ is a symbol for human possibility, achievement, status & performance…

Swoosh is a sound we hear when something zips past quickly (like a Michael Jordan dunk). The Swoosh was designed to show an arch of movement and stands for fast sound, speed & motion.

NIKE took its company name from the Greek goddess of Victory (called Nike). The goddess was an inspiration to Greek warriors. And when a battle was won. They all chanted her name.

It’s said. The swoosh was designed with the goddess in mind. As the shape depicts 1 of her wings.

By borrowing their name & swoosh design from a mythical, cultural & historical source NIKE have been extremely clever. Making their brand almost super human & desired by many.

The swoosh is NIKE’s symbol. Their flag to the world. People believe in the story. People buy it.

We’ve taken inspiration from symbol’s & logo’s like the ‘swoosh’. And documented what the ‘MY’ logo means. Just 3 words: Simple Honest Service.

You see. The office technology industry has a bad name. For years unscrupulous suppliers have hoodwinked organisations with complex terms. Making them pay £1,000’s in hidden extra charges.

But we’re changing it. ‘MY’ stands for simple terms, guaranteed fixed prices & fantastic service. It’s a fact. If you want to make change you’ve got to go first & be willing to hang over 1 edge or another.

The questions are now all yours to answer:

  • What’s your story?
  • What does your symbol stand for?
  • What makes you different?
  • Why should people buy you?
  • What’s your flag to the world?