Patagonia has a wonderful business model…

Ever since its beginning, it’s held ethical and environmental issues close to its core. Giving 1% of their total sales to environmental groups.

Patagonia are well known for high end sustainable outdoor clothing & apparel. Things like skiing equipment, climbing clothing, wetsuits & even non-sports wear like fleeces, jackets & coats.

A couple of years ago they hit on the idea of recycling customers old Patagonia clothes, repairing them & putting them back out for resale on an online store under the Worn Wear brand.

The program allows customers to trade in their used Patagonia stuff for credit. The items are then inspected & cleaned before being resold. It’s profitable with over 120,000 units sold already.

Due to its success, they’ve opened their 1st Worn Wear store. Giving thrifty & environmentally conscious outdoorers a chance to browse used and remade clothes & equipment in person.

You’ve got to hand it them. It’s a great idea. Clothes & equipment get reused. Customers get Patagonia stuff for a great price & Patagonia make profit twice on the same products. Wow.

The environment & communities are always on our mind too…

Making sure we refurbish & reuse printing equipment across our full range of printer technology solutions, which makes it sustainable & provides customers with tremendous value for money.

Coupled with our charity benefiting corporate social responsibility program & our plant a tree for a customer reforestation initiative. Showing even a small business like ours can have a big impact too.

…just like Patagonia