Saturday saw the first 100 trees planted in the hills above Shawforth (Rossendale). Kickstarting MY Total Office Solutions campaign to create a tree planting movement, with the aim of helping to reverse climate change.

Managing Director, Darren Turner said. “It was absolutely freezing. On the valley floor it was lovely & sunny. But the planting area is high on the hill & we were literally in the clouds with no sun all day’.

‘I’m just pleased my daughter (Scarlett) & son (Samuel) helped out too, which made it much quicker. We all thawed out later with a lovely hot chocolate’.

Since the ‘Plant a Tree’ campaign was launched Darren has secured 2 planting locations. This one in Shawforth & another in Weir. Both donated by local small holders, who’ve got behind the campaign & want to see their fields full of trees.

Darren added. ‘Unfortunately, the Weir location needs a perimeter fence before we can start planting. It’s estimated to cost £3,500 & neither the landowner nor we can afford it’.

‘So, we’re seeking good natured people to help & we have started a campaign on We’ve raised over £400 & hope others will help us to achieve the target’.

Darren & his team will plant a tree for every print technology contract agreed with their customers & with the help of other organisations & their customers. The ‘Plant a Tree campaign aims to plant 1,000’s of trees across the North West.

5 other organisations (Colne Tyre CentreCustomer LoveDH Virtual OfficeFresh Perspective Resourcing & Paul Schofield Wealth Management) have already committed to the project & agreed to plant trees for their customers too.

‘It’s fantastic these organisations have agreed to join us, as we’ll be able to plant the trees much quicker & have a larger impact on climate change’. Said Darren.

‘It’s funny though. Since campaign launch. It seems all the political parties have committed to plant millions or even billions of trees too. Some would call them copycats. But for me. The more trees planted the better’. Concluded Darren.

Scientists say planting billions of trees is by far the biggest & cheapest way to tackle the climate crisis. As trees grow, they absorb & store the carbon dioxide emissions that’s driving global heating.

It’s estimated a global planting program could remove 2/3 of all emissions put into the atmosphere by human activities. Figures described as “mind-blowing”.

MY Total Office Solutions provide print technology solutions for families, home workers, small & medium organisations. Including schools, charities & nurseries.