Good day. Yes. You’ve guessed it. It’s business 📚 review time…

Today I’m reviewing a book by local accountant & first-time author. Karl Roberts.

I heard you groan. ‘No. Not an accountant. This will be sooo boring’.

Well. I’ve got news for you. The Profit Compass isn’t boring. It provides more than numbers too.

To be fair. Karl isn’t your average accountant. Yes. He’s into the numbers. But he also gets excited about what creates the numbers, how they can be influenced & on advising the actions you can take to make the numbers in your business much better.

I suppose he’s more like a business advisor, who does your accounts too.

The 📚 is targeted at business owners who are interested in self development & have a can-do attitude to make real change within their organisation.

I’d also suggest the 📚 is a good read for team members of organisations who share the numbers. As the book will give teams real insight into how their actions can influence company profitability.

Karl covers goal setting, all the important numbers, people, systems & education. And details how each area can significantly affect the performance of your business. Including the numbers.

It’s only a short 📚 & will only take an hour to digest. But by implementing some of the ideas Karl provides you could start to benefit immediately. It’s defo worth an hour of anybody’s time.

To say it’s written by an accountant it’s a pretty good read & I’m sure you’ll learn a couple of new things that will help you too. ‘The Profit Compass’ gets a 👍 & ⭐⭐⭐⭐.

Karl’s that keen to share his knowledge with you. He’s giving the 📚 away for free. So, you’d best hurry up & contact him before his stock runs dry.

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Thank you for watching & see you next week.