Prospecting for business can happen in numerous ways…
Today I’m armed with my trusty Batman man bag & I’m out bold calling.
Inside is our printing solutions brochure detailing how our inkjetlaser & photocopier solutions can bring certainty & peace of mind to each of our target markets.
What’s bold calling?
Well. It’s being bold enough to walk cold into an organisation that you think you can help.
Explaining to them how your product has helped other organisations nearby & how you could also help them.
Leaving them with the information & then following it up with a ☎ call a day or so later.
The aim of the follow up ☎ call is either book an appointment or to at least get permission to stay in touch.
My role is the prospecting front man…
Each day plucking up the courage to boldly 🚶‍♂️ cold into organisations we think we could really help.
Our team are the real hero’s…
They log everything. Make the ☎ calls. Carry out any meetings & create the touch points.
Yes. Bold calling is nerve racking. But I’ve got the easy job.