Have you ever thought of renting a bookshelf, a sofa or even an expensive dress?

I was listening to the BBC Radio 4 money box show today whilst picking my daughter up from primary school. It was all about the trend towards renting things.

Not the things you are used to. Like a house, car or a movie. No. I’m taking about things like women’s designer clothes, age grouped baby clothes & age specific children’s toys.

Have a look at Hire the Catwalk for that special designer dress or even Hire Street for a whole host of everyday options.

Bundlee is 1 of the best options for baby clothes & Whirli is a fantastic option for renting boxes of toys for different age groups.

The rise in renting is not just in the housing market. Stats show that loads more young people are renting the furniture for their home too.

One guy came on the radio & said. ‘I move around a lot with my job & as well as renting a flat I always rent the furniture to go with it. It provides much more flexibility & doesn’t tie cash up’.

Even IKEA are getting in on the act. To test the market. They have just launched a renting scheme for several furniture lines. And their very serious about it. The test covers 30 countries.

We’ve rented families, business, schools & charities printer & photocopier technology solutions for years. Yes, they provide cost & service certainty. But what’s different. Ours save you 60% (on average) too.

From the gist of this Radio 4 money box show. Renting is the future. Not garlic bread!

Maybe it’s time you had a look at your own products to see if there’s a rental market too?