Are you in search of the holy grail too?

It’s not easy is it?

Walmart founder Sam Walton pushed & prodded for 30 years before he found the magic formula.

Britain’s biggest supermarket (Tesco) started in 1919 on a market & only opened its 1st supermarket in the 1950’s.

Even Cadbury’s took 40 years to be an established business. Very nearly closing in the 1860’s. Luckily the original founder’s sons took over & saved the company.

On average it can take 30 years for a good business to become a great business.

Yes. There are exceptions. Such as tech companies Microsoft, Apple & Facebook.

But unless you’ve got a ground-breaking business model with an army of investors ready to bank role you for years before you turn a profit like Amazon. It’s going to take time.

It’s going to take years of small steps before you crash through the glass ceiling. And along the way there will be many twists, turns & market changes that you will need to navigate.

In 2003 we opened a retail shop selling printer consumables. 10 years later we had 4. In another 2 years we closed them all & completely re-engineered our business model.

Today we are on a mission to disrupt the print technology industry by being radical. Through transparency & honesty. Fixed priced guarantees & simple terms. This is radical in our industry.

Where are you in your journey to find the holy grail?

What changes have you made along the way?