Good day. It’s Friday again & business book review day…

We’ve been having sales process discussions with the team this week. So, I’ve gone all salesy & picked a New York Times bestseller written by Daniel H. Pink called ‘To Sell is Human’.

But. It’s not your average sales book.

Daniel brings the term sales into the 21st century. Initially documenting what sales used to be like before the .com boom & the mass use of smart devices.

Then detailing how many of us believed the 21st century’s new technologies would result in the death of the sales role.

Daniel argues that this is not the case. Backed up with concrete stats & science collected from global governments & his own independent studies.

The stats show around 1 in 9 workers still earn a living trying to get others to make a purchase. And Daniel argues the other 8 in 9 are still employed (in what he calls) in non-sales selling.

So, what Daniel is saying (to some degree proves) everyone is involved in selling. Directly or indirectly. And its human for us to find a way of moving others to do the things we want.

Daniel uses examples like physicians selling patients on a remedy. Lawyers selling juries on a verdict. Teachers selling students on the value of paying attention & entrepreneurs wooing investors.

Daniel proves selling isn’t dead. It’s just different. Gone are the days of unscrupulous conniving con artist out for a quick buck. It now all about honesty, transparency, trust & long-term relationships.

He then provides a set of tools, tips & exercises for succeeding in this new era. Including new ways to pitch your ideas, how to understand another’s perspective & how to make your messages clearer.

I’ve really enjoyed Daniels perspective. ‘To Sell is Human’ gets a thumbs up & 5-stars.

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