Good day. Welcome to our 20th anniversary business 📚 special…

No. I’ve not been doing them for 20 years yet!

Today I’m reviewing a 📚 in its 20th anniversary year. And its as current today as it was way back in 1999.

Harry Beckwith’s ‘Selling the Invisible’ is a marketing masterpiece. I remember back in 1999 I was selling computer products & joined a company who sold them as part of a service contract. This 📚 helped me tremendously.

The gist of the 📚 is that the 20th century was a very product driven economy. But the 21st century is service first. But you can’t touch, hear or see services. So how do you sell them?

Re-reading the 📚 made me realise there’s still many of us selling products. Instead of differentiating our-selves & selling the service that surrounds your product. Sell the customer an experience they’d like to repeat with you.

Harry argues. Even if you have 2 similar products with the same features. You can still differentiate yourself through the type of service you provide around the product.

Harry firmly believes we all have at least 1 thing that can make us stand out from others. You just need to find. Condense it into a positioning statement, sing it from the hill tops & make sure you deliver against it consistently.

The 📚 is packed full of ideas that you can put into practise immediately & details loads of case studies where other organisations have both succeeded & failed in positioning themselves as service organisations.

It’s a must read for anyone in sales & in a service business. Which is pretty much everyone. Isn’t it?

Selling the Invisible’ gets a 👍 & ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

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