Have you ever tried shock value to change behaviours?

Jeff Bezos wants Amazon to be the global leader in providing the best value to consumers. Meaning they need to sell products at the cheapest price, whilst delivering the best service.

To achieve this Bezos knows (as they grow at scale) Amazon must be frugal & keep their own costs in check. Instead of micromanaging the situation Bezos came up with an ingenious solution.

Every new office hire is given a desk made from a cheap door bought from Home Depot in the states or B&Q in old Blighty. With 4 lengths of wood screwed to it as legs.

When they questioned why they couldn’t have a normal office desk. Bezos tells them. Amazon keeps close control of its costs, which lets us provide the best price & service to customers globally.

New team members are then told. If you can’t handle working on a door as a desk, Amazon’s not the right place for you. Each day, the door desk, reminds all employees to keep costs in check. Genius.

Now, you don’t have to go to Amazon’s extreme measures to shock your new or existing team members, into keeping control of your office costs.

Just call us & Paul or Dan will pop out and provide a free assessment. It’ll still shock you, by showing the cash you could be saving.

…it’s part of our Simple Honest Service approach to business.