Here we are today at the home of networking. Shout Network

Shout Network have been operating for 10 years, which is quite a while when it comes to networking groups. So, they are very well established & have loads of experience.

Over the last 2 years they have grown massively and operate 23 networking groups throughout the North West & 3 business expo’s in Lancashire, Greater Manchester & Merseyside.

We’ve been members of Shout Network for a few years & think it’s fantastic. We’ve made some great relationships (both business & personal). And it’s brought quite a lot of extra business too.

We also know of Shout members who’ve gained many hundreds of thousands in revenues through the relationships they have built. Making it a valuable network for any type of organisation.

Shout members range from the self-employed, micro & small organisations, right up the scale to medium & large organisations too.

And I would suggest. If you’re looking to grow your organisation this year? To get in contact with the Shout Network. And you can do this by going to their website at

As they’ve grown so much so quickly printing has become a real issue for them. Both in functionality & in escalating costs. Shout Network asked us to carry out a free assessment & suggest a solution.

Based on our findings, our solution provides Shout Network with a lease free & rent-free refurbished photocopier. All Shout pay is a small cost for each page printed (which includes all replacement cartridges & any repairs too).

Whilst gaining many new functions, the best thing is, Shout Network are saving £300 a month when getting ready for their business expo’s. Which, over the course of a year is a huge amount of cash.

The relationship has been great for us & great for Shout too. We’ve been members for 3 or 4 years & I’d really suggest you being members too. Simply go to their website at