SmartPA Sadie Nicholson offers bespoke admin packages to all sizes of organisations. From a 1-man band right up to organisations with 100’s of employees.

Sadie provides back office business support functions, which can free up time so you can concentrate on strategic projects, stop you from working late or save you the hassle & cost of employing an extra team member.

Learning the practice and set up of your organisation in periods of flux, be it sickness, holiday, high growth, redundancy or cost reduction, Sadie can provide contracted business support services at a moment’s notice.

Customer objective

Printing, copying & scanning documents is a very important part of Sadie’s SmartPA business support service offering.

Sadie doesn’t need to print masses amounts of documents. But does use her printer at least once a day. Many of her clients request letters to be sent or mailshots to be posted on a regular basis.

Client printing needs have certainly increased lately & Sadie’s printer cartridge bill is averaging over £30 a month. It is becoming an extra bill that she could do without.

Sadie had to find a better solution that saved money & provided certainty of her total printing costs.

Our SmartPA solution

Sadie met with Paul Bolton (our technical manager) at a local networking event & discussed the problem she had with ever increasing printing costs. Paul agreed to carry out a free assessment.

Paul studied the amount & type of documents that Sadie needed to print scan or copy & analysed how much this was currently costing on a monthly & annual basis.

As Sadie’s printing requirement was relatively small, Paul recommended Infinity (our home-based printing solution).

Infinity comes with a home rated multifunction printer, unlimited replacement cartridges & a full support package if anything does go wrong.

Financial and operational result

FinanciallySadie was spending at least £30 every month on replacement cartridges. Which was increasing as business increased. Not to mention a growing need to replace her old printer.

Sadie has reduced her annual printer cartridge spend from over £360 a year to just over £140, which is a 60% saving. Sadie’s got complete certainty too, with a fixed price guarantee of £11.99 a month.

Operationally: Eventually Sadie needed to replace her old printer & was facing an extra bill of up to £100. Luckily for Sadie Infinity comes with the latest multifunction printer as part of the deal.

But the best thing. Sadie never has to buy another printer or printer cartridge again. As Infinity provides all the printer cartridges you need & will fix or replace the printer if it ever goes wrong. Exactly what a SmartPA needs.