Good day. Today is business book review day…

I’ve kinda shied away for this week’s book for a year or so. Thinking the hype was probably way over the top & I can’t really put my finger on why. It’s unlike me. As I’d normally give most things a go.

It took a free audio book trial with Scribed. Where you can download as many audio books as you want for free for the first 30 days. For me to commit to giving it a go.

And do you know what. I’m really pleased I did. In fact I’m kicking myself for not reading it years ago.

‘Start with Why’ by Simon Sinek provides a simple yet powerful concept in how you should feel & talk about your organisation to others. I’m just gutted it’s taken us so long to be educated.

It’s based on a concept coined by Simon ‘The Golden Circle’. Who’s taken inspiration from a real historical mathematical relationship called the golden ratio.

The golden circle finds order & predictability in human behaviour. Put simply. It helps you understand why we do what we do. It’s not opinion. It’s biology. All to do with the limbic brain.

In essence. Simon argues & (to some degree) proves. Organisations should stop leading with the features of their products.

Instead. They should find their ‘WHY’ & understanding why they do what they do. It’s their WHY they should communicate to others. WHY is their mission that others will believe in too.

Simon goes deeper. Showing how people like Steve Jobs, the Wright brothers, Martin Luther King, Sam Walton & Bill Gates found & used their WHY to inspire others to join their mission.

Although we know our WHY & discuss it as a team. We rarely communicated it to others. Until now. This book has opened our eyes & mind. Hell. It’s even made me change my LinkedIn headline too.

‘Start with WHY’ gets a thumbs up & 5-stars. If you haven’t already. Please go read it.

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