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Today I’m reviewing a book dedicated to helping people understand & start a subscription service.

‘The Automatic Customer’ (written by John Warrillow) is a fountain of knowledge for those of us, who’d like to gain a regular income stream from a product or service.

I first read this book, when we we’re in the process of building our print technology solutions. It helped us tremendously to understand which subscription payment model suited our products.

You’d be surprised how many subscription type models are available, and almost any product or service with extra value wrapped around them, can be offered in a subscription model.

The interesting thing is. You don’t have to turn your entire business into subscription only. Like Netflix or Spotify. You can still carry out traditional transaction too.

As an example. You can still buy printers, printer cartridges, stationery & office furniture from us in 1 off transactions. Or you can sign up for 1 of our monthly print technology solution programs.

Although as John points out. There are usually more benefits available to you in a subscription package than in a one-off purchase.

Subscriptions allow you to budget monthly, everything is usually included, including upgrades & service. Providing you with certainty & peace of mind.

The business benefits too. Once you get your head around gaining a recurring income over time, rather than a large 1 off hit. A subscription business is worth far more than a traditional business.

This book won’t be for everyone. But if you’re considering starting or already operating a subscription-based service or business. It’s a must read.

‘The Automatic Customer’ gets a thumbs up & 5-stars.

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