Crosby HR are on a mission to ensure that all business (small, medium & large) have access to excellent HR expertise and support through pragmatic and commercially focused advice.

The team at Crosby HR use their wealth of expertise to help find solutions to the Human Resource challenges you face. Whilst ensuring legal compliance without using any unnecessary jargon.

This means. Rather than being overly risk averse, Crosby HR look for ways you can take the actions needed for optimum performance. Whilst ensuring that your legal obligations are met.

Customer objective

As the Crosby HR team has grown in numbers & experience, the support needs of their customers have grown with them. And they have an increasing number of customers outsourcing to them their entire HR functions.

To support this growth Crosby HR must make sure that their processes & systems are continuously monitored & adapted where necessary. An area where help was required was their print technology.

Print copy & scan needs were increasing quickly with many clients outsourcing to them all their HR functions. Although their current solution had cost them £1,500 to buy not that long ago. It just wasn’t up to the job anymore & was no longer fit for purpose.

Because of this. Crosby HR we’re reluctant to spend £1,000’s again on a print copy & scan technology. Which might be redundant again in a year or two. If their business needs change.

Our technology solution

After visiting & meeting Vicky & the Crosby HR team. Paul (MY Technical Manager) provided a free assessment. Detailing their current situation, identifying their needs & confirming current costs.

Following this. And instead of buying new photocopier technology costing £1,000’s. Paul recommended our free refurbished photocopier service.

There are no up-front costs or long-term lease or rental fees. All you pay is what you print. Scanning is free. The equipment is fully refurbished & in great condition. All consumables are included & if it ever breaks it’s fixed or replaced for free too.

Financial and operational result

Financially. New fit for purpose print technology would cost Crosby HR close to £3,000 & they’d likely be tied into a lease agreement for up to 5 years. Making it difficult to change if they needed to.

As well as Crosby HR saving £3,000. The service comes with a fixed priced guarantee too. Meaning their agreement price will never increase & they won’t ever be surprised by any hidden extra costs.

Operationally. Is where Crosby HR are benefiting the most. They have fit for purpose equipment which provides all the functions they need today. But if their business needs change. Our service is flexible & we’ll help them change their technology too. Crosby HR have total peace of mind.