Telephone solutions in the cloud are not the first thing you think of when looking to save money and/or improve your operations within your organisation.

But, it is something that packaging products specialist, Harrison Verity Products, have implemented and it has enabled them, to both save money and improve their operations. Here’s how…

The situation

Harrison Verity ProductsHarrison Verity Products (based in Blackburn) are specialists in high quality packaging products, which is a very competitive business sector. Making it vitally important that they keep good control of their operational costs, which enables them to keep competitive in the market place.

They had a traditional telephone service installed through BT, which provided 3 lines and 3 handsets with basic functions. Fast Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) broadband was also provided by BT across one of these lines.

Customer objective

Harrison Verity Products (HVP), over the last few years, felt that their telephone and broadband charges had gotten a little out of hand for the basic system that they were using.

HVP also wanted to add another handset and required additional features, both of which were going to increase their costs on the BT service.

So, the objective was made clear. Reduce our costs, whilst providing an additional handset (with scale to add more) and upgrade us to the latest feature rich technology.

Our solution

In the first instance we upgraded HVP’s broadband service up to super-fast fibre to the cabinet (FTTC), which provided the platform to implement a cloud based telephone service (Cloud Talk).

This meant we could reduce the number of lines from 3 to 1, whilst still increasing the number of handsets to 4, with scope to increase the handset numbers as and when required. Our handsets come with 4,000 air time minutes as standard, so we were able to cut out all the extra BT call charges too.

HVP kept their existing number and received some added extras. They now have direct dial numbers and voice mail for each handset, and can also transfer calls between one another.

Financial & operational result

Financially, HVP have saved 55% against their existing BT costs. On average they were paying BT £240 a month, they are now paying just £110 a month. So, over the term of our (no increase guarantee) 3-year agreement, HVP are saving nearly £5,000.

Operationally, HVP have increased the number of handsets they have in use, gained Harrison Verity Products Cloud Telephonea faster broadband service and upgraded to the latest feature rich technology, which allows them to have direct dial numbers (as well as keeping their main number), voice mail and call transfer. In the future, they also have access to additional services, such as virtual office numbers, call recording and virtual reception services.