isosureI am writing to tell you, your colleagues, existing and future customers, how impressed I am with MY Total Office Solutions’ infinity printer service. The Brother Energy Star machine that you have provided is a compact efficient desk top multi-function printer that meets my needs. When the printer indicates that it needs replacement cartridges, I simply call you and cartridges are delivered the same day. I can honestly say that I am delighted with the service. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of MY Total Office Solutions to clients, associates, friends and family alike. Thank you once again.

Steve Newton, ISOSURE

Since moving over to the Infinity printing service provided by John and Steve at MY Total Office Solutions, we have saved a small fortune. Every month we used to spend around £60.00 on two sets of cartridges for our Epson printer and now, we are only spending £19.99 a month and for that, we just don’t get unlimited ink, we also get a fully maintained, wireless, business rated multi-care 4 kidsfunction printer as well. What this means to us, is that we save about 65% and as well as printing all our office work, we can let the children print as much as they like, safe in the knowledge, that if the printer breaks, the team at MY Total Office Solutions will fix or replace it at no extra cost to us.

Gemma Lewis, Care 4 Kids

We had never used MY Total Office Solutions before, but received one of their mail shots for the Infinity printing service and could not believe what a great deal it was. After discussing it further, between ourselves and with the very knowledgeable team at MY Total Office Solutions, we went ahead and ordered one and have never looked back. As well as the savings, which are at least the 60% that they claim, the service they provide is fantastic, we can call them before 11am and they arrive that same afternoon to top up our cartridges. Now we don’t need to worry about how much we are printing, both for ourselves and the children, or have to waste time by hunting around for the cheapest cartridges and an added bonus, is that we never have to buy a printer again, as that is covered too.

Sarah Connelly, Smarty Pants

bryan leeMY Total Office Solutions have a very friendly local team and provide us with good prices, there is nothing we would change about them.

MY Total Office Solutions customer Ribblesdale Park

Peter Lambert from Ribblesdale Park, said. “Great service and everything arrived on time, we would rate them 5 of 5 for excellent service.

Peter Lambert, Ribblesdale Park

MY Total Office Solutions happy customer UK Insulation Advice

Just thought I would leave a quick review, a man called Mike drops my ink off to me weekly in Blackburn and I just wanted to say how friendly and nice he is, he always puts a smile on my face and has a nice chat with me when he sees me. Lovely man, just thought someone should know

My Total Office Solutions happy customer, Nick Wright, owner of West Riding Hyundai

The team at MY Total Office Solutions have always been fantastic to us, always looking for ways to reduce our costs and improve our profitability. They recently installed a new photocopier in place of a large desktop laser printer, because it worked out cheaper to run, as our printing on the service desk has increased. MY Total Office Solutions actually reduced the money they made from us by doing this. Fantastic honest service.

MY Total Office Solutions happy customers at West Riding Hyundai in Manchester

MY Total Office Solutions really helped us out when we first opened our new dealership in Manchester. They installed 2 photocopiers and 4 desktop printers at no charge, and allowed us just to rent the service from them in a low fixed monthly fee, including replacement cartridges and service. They offer a fantastic service and we highly recommend them to all.

Harrison Verity Products

MY Total Office Solutions provide us with all our desktop printing solutions saving us £1,000’s each year. And we recently swapped over to their cloud based telephone system, which will save us another £1,300 each year. Great products and fantastic service.

Paul Whitfield, Harrison Verity Products

MY Total Office Solutions provide us with a cloud based telephone system and fast (FTTC) broadband, and we pay a very low fixed monthly fee for it. And they have recently installed one of their free photocopiers and we just pay a low click rate for the pages we print. Save us a small fortune.

Paul Whitfield, Weldlag

BrightRED Digital

We have one of MY Total Office Solutions free photocopiers and it works great for a very low cost per page that includes everything. They also kitted our office out with furniture for a very reasonable price. Great company to work with.

Paul Whitfield, BrightRED Digital

Diamond Solutions UK Ltd

We are only a small company and don’t use a huge amount of stationery. From the moment the order was placed we were made to feel like we were their biggest customer. The placing of the order was easy, the delivery was next day and the follow up is second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend My Total Office Solutions to Family, friends and colleagues.

Caroline Priestley, Diamond Solutions UK Ltd