Nearly 90,000 forest fires have broken out in Brazil since the beginning of the year (which is nearly double the amount for the whole of last year) & over half of them in the massive Amazon basin, which regulates part of Earth’s carbon cycle and climate.

Whether the fires are being started deliberatly by crimnal gangs to clear land to sell to farmers (as reported by the mirror) or by farmers themselves in a political act to show President Bolsonaro they want to work (as reported by TIME). It’s a disaster in the fight against climate change.

Trees have a massive part to play in the fight…

For some time. We’ve thought long & hard how a small business like ours could influence climate change in a positive way.

We don’t make loads of profit & the little we do make goes straight back into the business to impove our team, service & technology solutions. Making it a struggling to see how a small business like ours (with limited funds) could make any difference in the fight against climate change.

Seeing the pictures of the Amazon on fire stirred something within us…

First it was anger, followed by frustration & finally disappointment. But then it struck. Tree’s are the answer. Trees suck carbon dioxide out of the air & if we plant enough our theory is that it will have a missive impact.

After doing some more reserch today. The therory is backed up by scientists in this Guardian article

They say. Planting billions of trees across the world is by far the biggest & cheapest way to tackle the climate crisis. As trees grow, they absorb and store the carbon dioxide emissions that are driving global heating.

New research by these scientists estimate a worldwide planting programme could remove two-thirds of all the emissions that have been pumped into the atmosphere by human activities. A figure the scientists describe as “mind-blowing”.

So. Thats what we are going to do. Plant some trees…

We’re not going to do it alone. Our customers are going to help too.

In it’s simplest terms. For every new print technology solution we agree, we’ll be planting a tree for that person or organisation & providing each of them with a certificate to show when & where it was planted.

For those that don’t know. We specialise in print technology solutions. Including the equipment, replacement cartridges & full a support service. In flexible monthly agreements. Providing people with certainty & peace of mind through guaranteed fixed prices & Simple Honest Sservice.

Our solutions are designed for families & home workers right through to small & medium organisations. With a specialised product for schools, charities & nurseries.