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This week’s 📚 was recommended by my good friend & fellow book worm Gareth Metcalfe of Paul Schofield Wealth Management.

‘The Third Door’ is the amazing story of freshman Alex Banayan who set out on a quest to interview the world’s greatest business leaders & uncover the secrets of their success.

Alex felt there was a missing piece to the jigsaw. All the business books about these people never seemed to capture the defining moment on how they become successful.

So after finding out that most of his college chums felt the same way, he decided to write a book that captured these holy grail moments.

What an adventure…

From hacking & winning a sale boat on the Price is Right (which Alex sold to fund his quest). To learning about the hidden reservoir from Sugar Ray Leonard. Dancing in a nightclub with Lady Gaga. Be-friending Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh before finally getting his interview with Bill Gates.

Eventually though the penny drops with Alex. The reason there is no mention of a holy grail moment for these great leaders & market disruptors, is because there isn’t one. It’s many of the right small steps over a long period of time, which has made these people successful. Along with the 3rd door.

What Alex did discover. Is that the people he interviewed did whatever it took to become successful. They didn’t conform to a process. No. They stepped out of line & made things happen themselves.

It’s quite an unbelievable story. It made me laugh & cry. But most of all it made me think. It’s a must read for anyone (young or old) who wants to become successful in any walk of life.

‘The Third Door’ gets a big 👍 & ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

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