Good day. Yes. It’s business book review day…

Today we’re reviewing the untold story of ‘Marvel Comics’ written by best-selling author Sean Howe.

Whether you’re a Marvel fan or not. This book has something for you.

In essence. It’s the inside story of Marvels rise from producing Lone Ranger rip offs in the 1930’s. Employing a teenage Stan Lee in 1940. Saving the company with The Fantastic 4 in the 60’s. Through to hitting the big time with blockbuster movies today.

Sean Howe gets farther inside Marvel than anyone else has ever managed. With an exhaustively researched & compelling story. Seemingly interviewing everyone who worked for the organisation.

To some degree. It’s a tragic love story about the relationship between a large group of talented superhero artists & devotees. And a company that didn’t really love them back.

It’s a cast of real-life characters both ordinary & oddball. But with the kind of backstabbing & intrigue you usually only find on a Jeremy Kyle show.

Even if you don’t care about comics or superhero movies. The untold story of Marvel Comics still fascinates as a study of a start up company that grew from nothing into an enormous enterprise.

For me it’s a great example of how NOT to treat your team. Yes, it was different times with different rules. But I’m sure. Some of their troubles may have been averted. With a unified team strategy.

But you can’t criticise their current success. With 1 blockbuster movie after another. Although the book depicts a very different story. It’s was a real struggle for the 1st 70 years of their existence.

Be warned. It’s a damn big book. Over 400 pages packed with very small text. But if you stick at it. It’s a very good & intriguing read.

‘Marvel Comics – The Untold Story’ gets a thumbs up. A 5-star rating for Marvel fans & 4-stars if not.

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