Does your product #disrupt a market?
Virgin boss Richard Branson has spent decades disrupting markets.
Starting with music, then aviation, mobiles, media, trains, healthclubs & even banking.
In aviation he’s done it 3 times…
Seeing BA had gotten complacent, offering poor service & a mediocre experience. Virgin Atlantic was born.
Then again with Virgin Australia & Virgin America with domestic flights. Disrupting both markets with great service, low prices & excitement.
Who’d of thought Richard would ever be a banker?
But hats off. Buying a stale Northern Rock off the taxpayer & turning it into Virgin Money, an exciting challenger bank.
Not to mention the disruption he’s caused with Virgin Media, Virgin Active, Virgin Trains, Virgin Holidays & Virgin Galactic
I don’t know about you. He certainly inspires us to disrupt our market too.
We’re disrupting the printer & copier #technology industry.
By breaking the cartel of high OEM cartridge prices & expensive printers. We rent you everything in a low & guaranteed never to increase fixed monthly fee.
And we’re also putting a stop to complex terms & hidden charges in photocopier service contracts. Through transparency, simple terms & guaranteed fixed prices.
Disruption for us is providing Simple Honest Service which leads to your total peace of mind.
Does your product disrupt a market?
If it doesn’t. Can you change so it does?