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‘Building a StoryBrand’ is a 📚 that anyone leading or managing within an organisation needs to read. Allowing the learnings to be spread throughout the whole organisation.

It’s written by Donald Miller. An American author, public speaker & business owner. He set up StoryBrand to help organisations clarify their message & has since shared his knowledge in this book.

Donald firmly believes that the best way to interact with customers is through stories. Not your companies’ story. Customers don’t generally care about your story. They care about their own.

Each year Donald helps 1,000’s of organisations stop wasting 💰 on marketing. Instead helping them grow through helping them to clarify their message.

Many organisations position themselves as the hero to solve customer problems. But Donald argues we should be the guide who helps the customer solve their own problems. So they become the hero.

He’s 📚 lays out StoryBrands complete SB7 framework, which is simple to understand & will give you the tools you need to clarify your message so more customers will listen to you.

Marketing has changed & there’s so much noise it’s difficult for customers to hear you. StoryBrands SB7 framework promises to change all that. It’s backed up with many real case studies too.

Donald even gives you the secret formula blockbuster movies use to keep us all interested until the end.

We’ve used it already to clarify our message of Simple Honest Service & I’d urge you to at least read the 📚 to decide if it’s for you. It easily gets a 👍 & 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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