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Back in 2002 author, inspirational speaker & peak performance coach Nigel Risner wrote a book about new rules for communication, called ‘It’s a zoo around here’.

You’ve heard of DISC profiling, right? Which for me, is a complicated behaviour assessment tool & I’ve never really got my head around it.

Well. Nigel unpacked it & made it much simpler. Breaking down people’s personality traits into 4 animals. Lion. Monkey. Elephant & Dolphin. This was ground-breaking & still is really.

After 17 years of more learnings Nigel has found his original animals & personalities, sometimes morph themselves into extreme versions of themselves.

Leading him to delve deeper into how people’s personalities can be likened to animals, how to communicate with them & what considerations you must think about when building a team.

His latest & hot off the press book ‘Zookeeper Rules for the Office’ is fantastic & introduces new animals like Tigers, Leopards, Hyena’s, Rhino’s & even a Shark.

Yes. It’s fun. But there’s a series side too. It breaks down personality traits in a simple way. Allowing you to build high performing teams & how to communicate correctly with other the personalities.

Both books are a must read for anyone building a team or managing an existing team, the team members themselves & for anyone else in a customer facing role.

Just for the record. I’m a Lion, with a fair bit of monkey and a sprinkling of Elephant & Dolphin. But you’ll have to read the books to understand what that means.

‘Zookeeper Rules for the Office’ gets a 👍 & ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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